Piano Lessons

Mary Jo (Plymale) Moore (my mother) was born February 15, 1929, in Huntington, W. Va. She started taking piano lessons at an early age, developed her talent of playing the piano, and composed original works and arrangements of Christ-honoring music—all for the Glory of the Lord. With her late husband, Rev. Charles E. Moore, she has served the Lord for over 50 years as a Baptist pastor's wife, missionary, church pianist, organist, piano teacher, composer, music publisher, mother, grandmother, mentor, and friend.

Over 40 years ago, she developed and published THE MARY JO MOORE PIANO COURSE that teaches the student how to play hymns from the very FIRST piano lesson. This course has been loved and enjoyed all over the world by missionaries, homeschoolers, piano teachers, and piano students. She has also published companion books with piano arrangements at all various grade levels of achievement which are being used for church offertories and special music.

For several years, I wanted my mom to go into a studio to record some of the beautiful piano arrangements she has composed and played throughout her lifetime for church offertories and special music. Her music has touched and blessed the lives of many people—but there never seemed to be the time to record. Then in February, 1998, a telephone call came that my mother was being flown by life-flight helicopter to the Cleveland Clinic for emergency surgery.

What was initially thought to be a heart attack, turned out to be a torn or dissecting aorta. The aorta is the main vessel that carries our blood supply from our heart through our bodies and all the other arteries branch off of it. Most patients who develop a bubble or tear on their aorta either die immediately when it happens or suffer severe brain damage if they do survive. Through the special care of surgeons and staff at Cleveland Clinic, and above all, in answer to hundreds of prayers that went up before the Throne of our Heavenly Father for my Dear Mother, our GREAT GOD, in His mercy spared her life and brought her through this life-threatening ordeal...she still had melodies to compose and musical notes to play.

She is a walking miracle. There was no brain damage. She is leading a very busy and productive life; she is still composing and arranging music. Because of some physical limitations now, she has retired from teaching piano.

Through this entire experience, Mary Jo Moore shines as a testament of God's Grace, of God's love, of God's healing and restorative power over the enemy of death, and that He really hears and answers the prayers of His children; yes, He really, really does.

It is with profound gratitude to the Lord for all of His rich blessings that this album was produced.** Our prayer is that the melodies will touch and refresh your spirit, that you may be drawn closer to Him through the special talent and dedication of Mary Jo Moore, and that you will enjoy her presentation of music and be blessed.

In His Love,
Rosemarie (Mary Jo's Daughter)

** In April, 1999, Mary Jo Moore, recorded Classical Keyboard Reflections of Christ in a recording studio in Nashville. This Album, representing just a few (12) of her many beautiful timeless piano arrangements that we pray will be a blessing to you and it is available by mail order, phone order, or PayPal Secure Shopping.

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Mary Jo Moore's Mission Statement: "My desire is to serve you through providing Christ-honoring music and material for the Body of Christ. He is Worthy!" (Rev. 5:12)